Mr. Prin Chirathivat

Member of Nomination and Compensation Committee
Member of Risk Management and Corporate Governance Committee

Major Experience

Date of being a director of the company: 29 April 1994
Age: 57 years
Percent of Shareholding in the Company: 29,263,374 shares (or 2.17% of paid up shares)
  • MBA (Business Management) Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration, Chulalongkorn University
  • Psychology Workshop, Institute of Security Psychology, Class 73
  • Gradate Diploma in Management of Public Economy Class 4/2005, King Prajadhipok’s Institute
  • B.A. (Accounting) Skidmore College, USA
  • National Defense College, The Joint State - Private Sectors Course, class 22
  • 2004, Diploma in Capital Market Academy, Class 1
  • Institute of Security Psychology, Class 73
  • Advanced Certificate Course in Public Economics Management for Executives (King Prajadhipok's Institute), Class 4
Completed Program from Thai Institute of Directors (IOD):
  • 2010, Advanced Audit Committee Program
  • 2009, Monitoring Fraud Risk Management (MFM), Monitoring of Quality of Financial Reporting (MFR)
  • 2008, The Program of Senior Executive on Justice Administration (Class 13)
  • 2007, Monitoring the Internal Audit Function (MIA) Monitoring the System of Internal Control and Risk Management (MIR)
  • 2006, Chief Financial Officer
  • 2005, Director Accreditation Program (DAP), Audit Committee Program (ACP), The Role of Chairman (RCP)
  • 2000, Director Certification Program (DCP)
  • Chairman of Audit Committee, Bualuang Securities Plc.
  • Advisor, Market For Alternative Investment (MAI)
  • Director, Malee Sam Pran Plc.
  • Director, Thanamitr Factoring Plc.
  • Director, Indra Insurance Plc.
  • Executive director, Interlife John Hancock Life Insurance Plc.
  • Director, General Guard Service Co., Ltd.
  • Executive director, Central Department Store Co., Ltd.
  • Investment Banking, Thanachart Securities Plc.

Other Current Positions

Listed Company:
  • Member of Audit Committee, Bumrungrad Hospital Plc.
  • Director, Member of Risk Management Committee and Advisory of Nomination and Remuneration Committee, Central Pattana Plc.
  • Director, Robinson Department Store Plc.
Non Listed Company:
  • Director, Member of Executive Committee, Deputy Group CEO, Central Group of Companies Co., Ltd.
  • Director and Executive Director, Central Retail Corporation Ltd.
  • Steering Support Committee, Chiangrai Rajabhat University
Other companies which materially compete directly or have related business with the Company (possible conflict of interest): -None-

Meeting Attendance in 2019

The Board of Director's meetings: 4/4
Nomination and Compensation Committee's meeting: 3/3
Risk Management and Corporate Governance's meeting: 4/4