Mrs. Sirikate Chirakiti


Major Experience

Age: 64 years
Percent of Shareholding in the Company: - None -
  • Triam Udom Suksa School
  • Bachelor degree George Washington University
  • Master's Degree, Business Administration International Business Education and Research, University of Southern California
Completed Program from Thai Institute of Directors (IOD): - None -
  • Purchasing director (Home products) Head office (1982)
  • Assistant Branch Manager, Chidlom Branch and Purchasing director (Home products) Head office (1983)
  • Branch Manager, Hua Mak Branch and the purchasing director (Home Products) Hua Mak Branch (1988)
  • Senior Executive Vice President, Procurement (1992)
  • Senior Executive Vice President, Branch Administration (1998)
  • Co-President (2013)
  • Executive Director – Central Retail (2018)

Other Current Positions

Listed Company: - None -
Non Listed Company: - None -
Other companies which materially compete directly or have related business with the Company (possible conflict of interest): - None -