Mrs. Chintana Boonyarat


Major Experience

Age: 67 years
Percent of Shareholding in the Company: - None -
  • Menlo School of Business Administration, USA
Completed Program from Thai Institute of Directors (IOD):
  • Directors Certification of Program (DCP 5/2000)
  • Role of Chairman Program (RCP 15/2011)
  • Directors, The Thai Chamber of Commerce
  • Directors, Board of Trade of Thailand
  • President, Mater Dei Alumnae Association
  • Directors, Pan Pacific and Southeast Asia Women's Association of Thailand

Other Current Positions

Listed Company:
  • Chairman of the Board, Malee Group PCL.
  • Chairman of the Board, Abico Holdings Public Company Limited
Non Listed Company:
  • Directors, Central Garment Factory co. Ltd.
  • Directors, Central Trading Co., Ltd.
  • Directors, Central Marketing Group Co., Ltd.
  • Directors, Matter D Co., Ltd.
  • Directors, Cetrech International Co., Ltd.
Other companies which materially compete directly or have related business with the Company (possible conflict of interest): - None -