Hotel Business


To be the leading global hospitality group of Thai origin.

To provide locally-relevant, Thai-inspired experiences in each of our global destinations, delighting guests through a blend of innovation, authentic family values and the unique passion of Centara’s people, whilst maintaining a commitment to sustainability.
Business Operation Goal
The company revised its strategy for Centara hotels and resorts to respond to current situations. The company has created a five-year strategic plan (2022-2026) to make Centara one of the world’s top 100 hotel groups and set out to generate 14 billion baht of revenue in 2026 by investing in new projects overseas such as in Japan and Maldives, developing health retreats, improving Centara hotels and resorts to offer added value to customers, collaborating with other companies under the Central Group to develop the hotel business and create new brands, expanding hotel management business, adopting new technologies to deliver its services, launching effective sales and marketing campaigns, attracting new customers, and maintaining existing ones through the CentaraThe1 programme.

Food Business


To be the #1 restaurant business in Thailand in the hearts of our consumers, leading with innovations and delivering value-for-money for all occasions

To deliver delicious and affordable meals to all our customers and always providing our service warmly from our hearts. We strive to create product innovations and store experiences that respond to our customer’s ever-evolving lifestyles in order to provide a truly memorable dining experience. All this in support of, and serving as CRG’s long-term commitment to the community around us and our unwavering commitment to sustainable growth.
Business Operation Goal

The company strives to achieve its goal of becoming the leader in food business by delivering delicious menus with sincere services to all customers at valuable prices and continuously creating innovations to better satisfy the modern consumer lifestyle in hope of delivering the best customer experience and driving sustainable business growth, which in turn will enable the company to meet its business goals. Throughout 2021, the company has made several new improvements on its restaurants to respond to the New Normal lifestyle of customers including introducing MD/AA container restaurants, 24-hour KFC stores, hybrid cloud Japanese-branded stores, cloud kitchen of Thai Cuisine, new sales method via fast-growing delivery platforms and applications, and a new restaurant brand “Som Tam Nua” in the company’s portfolio to meet various needs of consumers

In addition, many restaurant brands have started to develop sub-brands or virtual brands as well as ready to-eat food. For example, Ootoya has opened a dessert shop, Oty dessert cafe.

The company plans to expand the branches of its existing restaurant brands across Thailand in order to expand the customer base and to provide an alternative for customers in Bangkok metropolitan area and other provinces by focusing on maintaining a high standard of products and continuously developing new products. Furthermore, the company plans to expand its business through new sales channels in order to expand the customer base and create opportunities to generate higher income and profit in the future.

Corporate Value - "I C.A.R.E."

As one of the companies of the Central Group, we adhere to the principles of organisational culture creation, expressing how the business operates in harmony with employees, customers, business partners and communities under the I-CARE concept that is integrated with business practices as follows.



creating and implementing new ideas - because we care about us. This covers all occasions and challenges for more efficiency in work.



caring for the customers - because we pay attention, we therefore strive to develop services to standards of excellence by focusing on and paying careful attention to customers.



advances both business groups - because we pay attention, we therefore respect the values and our differences to be able to work together as a team to advance the entire business group.



reliability - because we care for fellow employees, partners and society for sustainable development.



aiming to maintain ethics - because we care. We aim to apply ethics in business.