Mr. Bhisit Kuslasayanon

Independent Director
Member of Audit Committee
Member of Nomination and Compensation Committee

Major Experience

Date of being a director of the company: 12 May 2005
Age: 78 years
Percent of Shareholding in the Company: -None-
  • Master degree of Engineering, New South Wale University, Australia
  • Bachelor degree of Engineering, The University of Sydney, Australia
  • National Defense College, The Joint State - Private Sectors Course, Class 8
  • Director, Committee of Mahidol University
  • Managing Director of Thai Airways International Pcl.
  • Chairman of the Board, Royal Orchid Sheraton
  • Chairman of the Board, Airport Hotel
  • Vice Chairman, Stang Holding Co., Ltd.
  • Director, International Drug Development Co., Ltd.

Other Current Positions

Listed Company: -None-
Non Listed Company:
  • Chairman, Flying Orange Co., Ltd.
Other companies which materially compete directly or have related business with the Company (possible conflict of interest): -None-

Meeting Attendance in 2019

The Board of Director's meetings: 4/4
Audit Committee's meeting: 8/8
Nomination and Compensation Committee's meeting: 2/3

Information regarding to appointed

The relationship in the Company, Subsidiary, Associated Company or other Independent director conflicted business entity in present of during the past 2 years
  • Not being a director who takes part in the management of the Company, employee, staff member, or advisor receiving a regular salary
  • Not being a professional service provider (i.e. auditor or legal advisory)
  • Not having business relationship significantly in a way that may impact the performing task independently (i.e. buy - sell materials/ products/ service or financial support)